1. Chinese

I have learned a lot of new phrases in Mandarin and new words. I have also learned about Chinese holidays and we have sang Chinese songs. I have learned how to write and read more characters than last year. I have learned how to describe objects more powerfully than I did last year.

2. Art

I have learned more about colors and how you can make new ones with different textures, shades and tones. It has been a challenge for me to make shapes for the outlines of my drawings because I do not have very much artistic ability. I keep trying to make better drawings though. I think I have gotten better at art this year.

3. Music

I have enjoyed reading and writing notes this year in music class. It has helped me get better at playing the xylophone for I can read the notes faster and more accurately. I like listening to different types of melodies and beats to understand more about different varieties of music. We have listened to many different types of bands so I know how creative you can be with music.

4. P.E.

I have successfully learned different sports and new athletic activities. Cartwheels in gymnastics were a challenge for me. Everything else was fun and easy. I have enjoyed helping teammates in the team sports we have played. It has been fun learning new techniques in sports like volleyball.

5. Counseling

I have learned new ways to deal with social problems and bullying. We have gone through many fun techniques. We have learned about what to do in these situations like tell adults. These techniques can help us in real life situations.

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