Writing reflection

Sometimes I may notice that I tend to use the word I too many times. I also notice that in my writing, I am okay with starting sentences in different ways. But there may be times when I think that I really like one way of starting a sentence and I get carried away with it.
So far I have changed by using longer and more descriptive words. I usually get them from my vocabulary words. I also include more details from time to time. That makes me have to get deeper into my writing and really try to remember that one time.
In writing, I think I am good at using more descriptive words. With the help of the vocabulary words, I can use better words and it feels good to. I also think I am good at brainstorming ideas. As I go along and am publishing piece of writing, I can come up with a better idea and usually will change it.
As a writer, I would like to work on leads and endings. Sometimes my endings just make the story end like that but I want it to have more meaning to it. My leads don't really seem to hook the reader into the story. I think I will try to add more action into my beginnings.
My favorite piece I have written is Citi Field. I just recently finished it and I love all the descriptive words in it. I also love the details and Citi Field is one of my favorite places. I was at a professional baseball game at the time and it was really fun. I find it fun to read it.

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